• Dzama

Wolf Story

It was a dark night and Merielda walked through the wood alone, barely able to see which way she was going. The moon had disappeared behind a heavy cloud cover and it was much darker than when she had left the house. She carried the remains of a shish-kabob dinner on a silver platter covered with plastic wrap. Carrying the big platter was awkward and her heels were unstable on the dirt path.

First she heard growling and was sure it was a badger. “You’re not getting my dinner,” she said out loud. Then it was quiet for a little while. “You go get your own dinner,” she said, but her voice was unsteady. She began to whistle but it sounded weak and pathetic so she stopped. She tried singing the national anthem but her voice trailed off and she didn’t start again.

Then she heard motion in the dry leaves and what sounded oddly like a child crying. She froze. Suddenly there was a roar and the beast was on her- a gigantic wolf-creature snarling and drooling, tearing at her flesh. She swung the platter and the handle caught the beast in the cheek, drawing blood. He recoiled, giving her a second to stab him with the kabob skewers.

He gave a terrible howl as his skin tore and twisted and transformed, a human form slowly emerging. As the moon came from behind a cloud Merielda identified her geometry teacher stuck now like a pincushion with all six silver skewers.

After he collapsed beside her she found herself licking her wounds. She then ate the leftover kabob meat off the ground. As she pawed the meat she realized that her hands were sprouting thick hair and growing claws. Oh no!! she wanted to say but she heard herself let out a low, guttural growl instead. Then she bounded off into the woods, heading back to the dinner party, feeling strangely hungry again.

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