Jane and Kezzi

Jane woke up.
Jane’s dog Kezzi woke up.
Jane gave Kezzi some food.
Jane gave herself some food.
Jane took Kezzi for a walk down to the dog park.
Jane’s neighbor said, Ooohhh! So cute!
Jane said, Ha, ha, ha! He likes you!
Jane took Kezzi down past the café.
The café patrons said, Did you see that cute dog?
Jane and Kezzi walked past the construction site.
Marty the construction worker looked down at Jane.
Marty made a quick call on his cell phone.
Jane took Kezzi down a side street.
A homeless person waved at Kezzi.
An unmarked police car followed Jane and Kezzi down the alley.
A black and white police car met Jane and Kezzi at the other end of the alley.
A policeman got out and yelled at Jane!
Jane said, I’m only walking my dog, officer.
The policeman from the unmarked car behind her yelled at Jane!

Jane and Kezzi went for a ride with the police.
Jane was in the back of the car.
Kezzi was in the front of the car on officer Stanley’s lap.
Officer Rita turned to officer Stanley and said, He suits you, Stan.
Kezzi licked officer Stanley.
Officer Stanley said, Hey!
The officers brought Jane and Kezzi to the station.
The man in the station said they had to let them go.
The other man in the station said there was not enough evidence.
Jane and Kezzi walked out of the station, free.

Jane and Kezzi stopped at a bodega on the walk home .
The man in the bodega gave Kezzi a bowl of water.
Jane walked Kezzi back past the construction site.
Jane walked Kezzi back past the café.
Jane walked Kezzi back past the dog park.
Jane and Kezzi arrived back home.
Jane and Kezzi saw everything in Jane’s house was turned upside down.
Jane heaved a comfy chair back upright and sat on it.
Kezzi sat on Jane’s lap.
Jane turned on the TV and watched a breaking news story about a big heist.
The news reporter said, The thief is still at large.
Jane winked at Kezzi.
Jane smiled and gave Kezzi some food.
Jane smiled and gave herself some food.
Jane smiled and fell asleep on the comfy chair.
Kezzi fell asleep on Jane’s lap.

The End.


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