Who Else?

Honestly I have zero memory of going back to Ronnie’s walk-in freezer last night. But it’s weird- I’m the only one who has the key. It’s like when you’re taking a shower and you can’t remember if you put conditioner in your hair or not. You literally can’t remember and you have to look at the conditioner bottle for a sign you opened it. Did I have reason to freeze Ronnie to death? Well, he once yelled at this little old lady. She was like asking to use the bathroom and he said, No! It’s out of service! Or something like that.

But Marcus never comes out to Ronnie’s to hang out. How would I have got him into the freezer and left him there until his blood literally froze to ice? I have no idea. But what I’m telling you is, I HAD THE ONLY KEY! So who else could it have been? The key is right here tied to my wrist with a string. Because I lose things. We used to have another one but it like broke off or something and now I have the only one.

The twins. They told Marcus about how I was fooling around and how I was like a super bitch so you would think I would really have something against them. Which I do. Even now. Even now when their noses have little icicles and their eyelashes have little snowflakes. But do I really have the wherewithal to talk them into going all the way into the way back part of the freezer? Me? I mean I have a fourth-grade education. But, on the other hand, who else?

Maybe one biker gang member I could understand. But not all six of them. How could I talk them all into coming into Ronnie’s in the first place- they told me they hate it in here! How could I get them into the part of the freezer with all the boxes of Indian Chief’s Fresh Frozen peas, and then get the door shut and locked from the other side, all before they could stop me? I mean, I’m five foot one. I weigh nothing. I’m not even smart or crafty.

I remember waking up this morning and getting off the couch. Do not remember showering. I remember eating a handful of some sugary cereal because there was no milk left. Remember kissing my picture of Jimmy. I remember that because I do it every day. Jimmy’s my boyfriend. He doesn’t know it yet but I’ve loved him more than I’ve ever loved anyone in the world. I guess he won’t ever know now. I wish I could remember leading him by his hand into the freezer. I wish I remembered waiting on the other side of the door, listening. I don’t remember laughing at all but you know it’s weird, my cheeks ache from laughing! I don’t remember any of this but you know, it had to have been me. Who else?


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7 thoughts on “Who Else?

  1. Braden Shaffer

    This story really taps into the mind of a pyschopath. I like how it describes the events as being so real but then the girl is so unsure and goes on to talk about another fantasy. It really tricks the reader! Great Write!

  2. Ellen

    Really enjoyed this. It’s a relief to know there are more girls out there who’ve had ideas about freezing their boyfriends. Will be reading more of your posts soon!

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