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I created the very short fiction blog so I could write a story every day and be reminded of what creativity should be, when you get out of your own way and just go.

-Tom Lisowski

15 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Daniel Townsend

    What a pleasant find! I’ve been meandering hither and thither for a while looking for a collection like this. I’ll be here for a while.

    I publish 60-second stories about change on my blog ( One a week since January this year. I feel we may be on a similar page. What do you think?

    More please.


  2. Tom Lisowski Post author

    I really appreciate all of your comments Daniel, Renee, Gustavo and Leah! And I enjoy reading your writing as well…

  3. Andrea Boult

    What a wonderful blog! I thoroughly enjoyed your well-written posts. Would you mind if I include your site to the bloglist on my website?

  4. Tom Lisowski Post author

    Thanks Andrea! And yes, please do. I’m very interested to check out your stories as well…

  5. Justin K.

    Flash fiction like this is awesome! It’s great for people with rampant adhd especially! I’m also doing a short story blog, though I tend to hover around the 2000 word mark. I’d love to hear feedback though I only have a couple stories so far.

  6. Gustavo Scussel

    When we face a good write, doesn’t matter when it was written – if it was ten or three years ago – it is still good, because of the smoothness and the well crafted sentences! I’m glad I’ve found your blog!

  7. James B

    Love reading personal life stories like this, even if it is fictional. The way the sentences flow in this text always leading on to something entirely different. I could just have kept on reading pages upon pages more.

    I give people the opportunity to publish short fictional or non-fictional stories like this on my site –

    Keep on writing more stories!

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