Monthly Archives: September 2008

Lion’s Share

A golden amulet depicting a scowling lion hung around Darla’s neck, the depressions in the metal dark with dried blood. The amulet opened to reveal a thin dagger which she used on a daily basis to kill people who weren’t expecting it. Today she sat in a business meeting, grey business suit on, listening to the way assets would be sold and repurchased within the company to bilk the stockholders. As they talked she lost herself in thought, pondering whether morals and principals were based on intelligence or whether you could be extremely intelligent and have no morals.

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On the Hammock

Jane was resting on a hammock in her bikini when there were a series of loud cracks that sounded distinctly like gunfire. She gave a start and almost fell out of her hammock. As far as she could tell, they came from the area by the resort’s lower pool. She got to her feet and walked very slowly down the path, trying to see something through the trees.

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One More

Arth was up in the crow’s nest when it all happened. The sea monster ripped the boat apart below him, tentacles squeezing the life out of the crewmembers on deck. The mast swung back and forth as the ship was torn asunder and Arth hung on as best he could. Finally he was thrown off, landing some distance away in the brine.

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