Monthly Archives: September 2008

The Cave

Davin floated in the underground lake, listening to the hounds braying just outside the cave. A little light came through a crack and the unsettled water cast ghostly reflections on the rough ceiling. The whole lynch mob was out there now, complete with torches and sharp farm tools. Davin floated deeper into the cave and […]

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Beltran stumbled down the side of the hill, blood gushing from the bullet-holes in his shoulder. His face was wet with tears and smeared with dirt. He pressed his good hand against the holes, blood running down his arm.

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Good Day Underwater

The water was very clear and multi-colored sea plants undulated in the currents. Bright blue and orange fish swam around a bloated corpse that had gotten snagged on a coral tree. They were attracted to a shiny necklace with a glittering crucifix and a glittering silver belt-buckle that read “TEXAS”.

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