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Jimmy had gotten us all jobs at the diner. He’d gotten himself up into the management position and then fired all the original employees. Now everyone working at the diner was one of us, including the dish washers. Marty Fish was head washer- you should have seen that guy- he kept wearing his tie under his apron. Everyone was one of us, that is, except for Mereldia who had been at the place for at least fifty years but seriously what is she gonna do? Plus it gave the place a little authenticity to have an old lady with dyed orange hair waiting on customers even if everyone else was too well-dressed and focused to be regular diner employees.

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“Jessica, wake up.” It must have been four in the morning. Jessica lay curled in a sleeping bag in a freezing tent. “They’re back.” It was Addie kneeling in front of her. She had a strange look of desperation. Jessica made herself unzip her sleeping bag and get her big parka on. Together they stepped out of the tent into the snow. About five yards away in the trees there were some tall, dark figures. Jessica and Addie walked toward them slowly. “They’ve come for you this time,” Addie said. “What? Why? Why me?” Jessica said, yet feeling fully awake despite the cold, early morning air.

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