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The Train Leaves the Station

We spent hours every day in the hospital courtyard planning. The sun made the green leaves glow and we’d sit on a bench, always glad to see each other. We had it all up in our heads because paper would be too risky. We’d test each other: “Now, how are you going to remember that?”

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Jimmy had gotten us all jobs at the diner. He’d gotten himself up into the management position and then fired all the original employees. Now everyone working at the diner was one of us, including the dish washers. Marty Fish was head washer- you should have seen that guy- he kept wearing his tie under […]

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“Jessica, wake up.” It must have been four in the morning. Jessica lay curled in a sleeping bag in a freezing tent. “They’re back.” It was Addie kneeling in front of her. She had a strange look of desperation. Jessica made herself unzip her sleeping bag and get her big parka on. Together they stepped […]

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