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The Librarian

This appeared to be a case like any other- signs of scuffling, a strangulated corpse, a small crowd of well-dressed society-types wringing their hands. I’d been to these parties millions of times and always found out who did it in a matter of hours. Usually I’d still have time to share a drink with a […]

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Don’t Be Me

It was cold and dark and, although I lay on smooth, satin padding, I had less than a foot to move in any direction. I knew exactly where I was- the guys had locked me in a coffin and buried me and I can’t say I was entirely surprised. We’d done it to other guys.

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The automated bus was packed with crab-men and I was scrunched up under two of the back seats trying not to breathe too loudly. There were chicken bones and fast-food wrappers down there and my hands were grimy from crawling around. But these were hostile crab-men and one of those claws could snap your head […]

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