Monthly Archives: August 2008

Leaving the Deli

Jerry stopped into an empty delicatessen and ordered a meatball sub from the old man behind the counter. Soon he was sitting by the open door eating the sub, staring outside. The sub was soggy and half-cold. He knocked one of the meatballs onto the dirty linoleum floor and a dog came over and ate it. Then a pickup drove by outside with several guys in the back and Jerry looked up. One of them had a gun and he shot Jerry before he could take another bite. Jerry spat up blood and coughed and pushed the table forward as he tried to stand. When he went down the dog jumped back.

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Three Girls

The girls had hooked their inflatable rafts together and spun lazily in the lake, chatting and sunning themselves. The sun was high in the sky and the water was smooth except for the occasional ripples caused by a slight breeze. They floated further and further out, and as the lake house got farther and farther away they shared more secrets that they didn’t want anyone else to hear.

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Treehouse Pig Militia

A dozen or so small pigs lived in a tree-house in West Beauforte, Texas. They all had rifles and cowboy hats and little vests like Porky Pig. They weren’t very nice though and everyone who ventured into that back yard was shot at, many actually killed on the spot. The little pigs would take body parts from their victims and hang them from clothesline that ran through the branches of the tree.

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