Yeti Waterfall

Jenna and Brad slid down the frozen waterfall laughing, the Yeti watching them through the clear ice from inside his cave. They landed in the snow at the base of the waterfall and grabbed onto each other to kiss. Then Brad helped Jenna up and they stumbled off, Jenna’s thin wool-covered fingers grasping Brad’s big suede leather mitt.

The Yeti moved behind a wall of icicles. He broke a long one off, grasping it tightly in his three-fingered, furry hand. Nearby, Jenna pushed Brad against an icy rock wall and they kissed some more, caressing each other passionately. Soon their gloves were off and they slid their hands under each other’s parkas. “I can’t believe you…” Jenna whispered.

The Yeti came around from behind the snowy bank, his wispy white hair blending with the snow, black eyes like pieces of coal in a snowman. Then, with a powerful thrust, he skewered both of them at once with the huge icicle. They clung on each other and slid down the wall, coughing and spitting blood. The Yeti loomed over them, blocking out the winter sun. They writhed and twisted like worms on a hook, their blood turning the snow a terrible red.

The Yeti stared. Then he returned to his cave for another six months of quiet hibernation.

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