See Ya

A plane, several train cars, and a tractor trailer lay twisted in the rubble that once was a church. It was as though a giant baby had dropped his toys in a pile. Only two walls of the church remained, the arched windows empty save a few shards of colored glass. A small, green Martian walked across the debris, holding a futuristic pistol in front of him. He came upon the decimated cockpit of the plane and peered in through the window, pressing his rubbery skin against the cracked glass.

Inside, the captain and a young flight attendant lay in a pile. The alien fired a strange beam of light through the glass and the two slowly revived. “What? When?” The captain exclaimed, glancing up and down, with a crazy look in his eye. He fumbled around, getting out from under the girl. She sat up and stared through the broken glass at the little green face staring back at her. She pointed at it. “George! George! What the hell is that? I’m serious! I’m serious! What the hell IS that?” George regarded the little orange eyes staring at them.

“Oh, I’ve seen those before,” the captain said. “High altitudes. It’s never a good sign.” They both regarded the little monster, who stared back. “What do we do?” asked the girl.

“Only thing we can do! Run!” And the captain took off running through the open side of the plane, only to be shot again by the alien’s pistol. He stumbled and practically exploded when he hit the ground, blood spattering across the chunks of broken church brick. The small alien stepped over his corpse and came around to the opening. He stared in at the girl. She pulled at her hair as she watched the captain’s body disintegrate. Then she lunged at the small creature, knocking away its gun and throttling its little rubbery neck.

Eventually the Martian passed out and the girl set out across the debris in her stocking feet. There was a round saucer hovering there, its door still open. She stepped inside the small ship and the door closed behind her.

Inside she sat on a chair that was too small for her. She hit some buttons and pulled a few levers. The saucer shot up into the sky with an odd whistling noise. As it rose higher and higher, she glanced out the window and saw the little green man reviving in the midst of the destruction. He appeared to be shooting his ray gun at the ship but it had no effect.

“See ya,” the girl whispered. Then she turned back to the ship’s dashboard, hand poised over the controls, wondering which button to press.

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