Marla Leaves

Marla stood in front of the mirror, combing her hair. She had no makeup on but her lips stained slightly in the corners when she sipped her wine. Her cell phone rang. “I’m still up here,” she said into the phone. “Give me one second.” She set down the brush on the dresser and watched herself sip the red wine in the mirror. She pulled open a drawer in the dresser. There were two strange, curved daggers hidden under her lingerie and she took these out. They fit in her purse with the handles sticking out.

In the elevator there was a middle-aged man with a dog. They stood in silence as the elevator descended. Marla stared straight ahead.

The convertible idled just outside of the front of her building. Two of her girlfriends sat in the back and her boyfriend waited in the driver’s seat. She got in the seat beside her boyfriend and wasted no time. She stabbed the hell out of him with one of the daggers and turned in her seat to slit both of the girls’ throats. She pushed the bodies out of the car and peeled out, leaving the middle-aged guy with the dog standing there staring. The corpses oozed blood that streamed across the asphalt and trickled into the sewer drain. The man fumbled for his cell phone but it fell out of his hand. It broke apart on impact, part of it falling down into the gory sewer drain.

The man just stood there and stared, mumbling words that made no sense. The dog barked and barked. Finally it stopped barking and sat down, panting.

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