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Girl with Spider

You’re about to do something criminal, aren’t you? Ken said. Liz wasn’t, as far as she was aware, but was pleased to be watched, like you watch a wild animal or a child, for something to happen. In truth she had no control of the dangerous things she did. They just happened. Later, she’d think […]

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Jane’s Back

Jane walked down the hill out of the forest, dry leaves scratching her bare feet. The sky was brown from the smoke of a distant fire. She brushed leaves and thorny twigs off her white skirt and out of her hair, stepping now onto the asphalt of a country road. The first house she came […]

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Jane and Kezzi

Jane woke up. Jane’s dog Kezzi woke up. Jane gave Kezzi some food. Jane gave herself some food. Jane took Kezzi for a walk down to the dog park. Jane’s neighbor said, Ooohhh! So cute! Jane said, Ha, ha, ha! He likes you! Jane took Kezzi down past the café. The café patrons said, Did […]

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