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Glad You’re Back

You think that will hold me? Trelle asked. I’d used a tie I had for weddings and bound her wrists, trying to follow from memory a confusing step-by-step guide I’d found online. She still wore her neon stockings and had added electrical tape pasties. But already she was looking away from me, out the window. […]

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On High

The clouds felt rough under his feet and itchy, almost like Mags was walking on fiberglass insulation. He’d had a nosebleed since the day he came up here. People gathered on nearby clouds but he couldn’t hear what they were saying. He still had a ringing in his ears as though he’d just left a […]

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The Seamstress

In 1996 I worked in a freezer all summer long, wearing a hat and winter coat even when it was a hundred degrees outside. Every day I waited at the bus stop in the heat, flies making their rounds, my winter clothes tucked in a duffel bag. The bus dropped me off on the edge […]

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