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Upstairs, at the end of the first row of files, sheets of paper so brittle from age and molded. The typewriter cut through on all the “o’s”, dirt, smears and smudges. But read some of the words there. Someone took vengeance with that typing machine. Someone kicked him when he was down.   But who’s […]

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King’s Ransom

In the soft light, under some trees in the amusement park Janie and Bill stood sweating in their wool suits. Her face was powder and fine creases and some chemicals to prop it up and hold it together. Her eyes were glazed over. But she started dancing to the piped-in music, started moving her hips, […]

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The Spirit of Trusty

There was a thud.  There was another thud. You’ve got to stop this Max. There’s— AAAEECHHHH!!!! And the room was quiet. Paul the terrier, soaked from the rain, padded back under the bench. A lake of blood widened until it reached the rug, there it simply soaked in and darkened the pattern. Trusty spun his […]

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