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On The Beach

Bloody boards whining overhead- but no one’s walking up there. Just the black blood drips down through the straw and the cracks, landing on the watermelons and some other fruit. I couldn’t take it much anymore so I got up and slid the typewriter off the table. Heavy fucking thing. It just kind of hit […]

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Up There

I intended to make a very small movie with simple characters- a psychopath who wants to kill his best friend’s wife, the wife who is running away from a past where she has abandoned her culture, the best friend who is campaigning for political office but who is secretly taking international trips to revisit an […]

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I’m Out

All I do is dance. Which is probably why we have nothing in here but a bunch of nylon leotards that stink of the worst sweat. I’ll just go down to the corner store in this sheet. An hour later you could find me sitting on the stoop, wrapped in my favorite lavender bed sheet, […]

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