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“I have a few questions for these guys. There are some very specific things I want to ask,” the Dad said. He drove up the icy mountain roads, taking the turns too fast. “What are you going to ask them?” Benj said. “I want to find out what they discovered that we don’t know. Don’t […]

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“I’m sorry. I had to tell Melvin. It was just breaking my heart.” “What? You what?” “I told Melvin. I just felt so bad for him.” Backley walked quickly in nervous circles, pressing the iPhone to his head. “But we still have three bodies!” he exclaimed, sotto voce. “There are three bodies in the back […]

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Jake threw the covers off and stumbled over to the closet. He pushed some jackets out of the way and lifted out his semi-automatic rifle. Then he pulled on some boxers and headed downstairs through the dark house to the basement door.

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