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Cassie’s Sister

Two ladies walked through the parking lot, one carrying a bouquet of flowers. They both wore light grey business suits and the one with the flowers had a colorful silk scarf. She handed a card to the other one. “You give her this,” she said.When they got inside they stood at the end of the […]

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Melvin stepped out of the white armored car, carrying one of the deliveries, and was gunned down immediately. He only had time to say, “Spthutt–! Whaduhhh—!!” before his various body parts rained down across the concrete, creating an image on the sidewalk resembling a Rorschach test. The forensics guys looked at the mess. “I think […]

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Cherney was a little guy, smoked a cigar, little mustache, shirt with a busy, abstract pattern. He paced back and forth outside the office, filling the waiting room with smoke and nervous energy. When his name was finally called, his shirt was drenched with sweat and he wiped some off his forehead with the back […]

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