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Half-Blind Phoenix

In the tall grasses white shrouds wrapped the corpses. The winding sheets were stained with expanding drops of blood. There were about ten of them on the median beside the highway. A tiny naked devil hopped around with his little pitchfork, poking them. He discovered one that twitched when he poked it. It curled like […]

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Melina in the Garden

A row of carrots had been planted, their round orange tops just sticking out of the dirt, their greenery sprouting out of them almost like hair. Melina dropped the tarot cards and death landed among the carrots. The card was old and bent but the eyes of the skeleton depicted still stared mercilessly. Melina‚Äôs hand […]

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Gold Sheep

Three pandas stood on their hind legs outside the large, ornate door. They avoided eye contact and fidgeted, scratching themselves with their big paws. Then the alarm went off and the red light above the door began flashing. The pandas waited and soon the door opened slowly, allowing a large flock of sheep to come […]

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