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David and the Dog Man

The wind dragged the branches across the corrugated roof- a terrible ripping noise. David stirred in his bed, drenched with sweat. Something sounding like a tin can rattled around outside, stopped, rattled again. Then he heard the trucks arriving, distant purring at first, then louder. He leapt out of bed, heart pounding, and made it […]

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Cheap yellow hotel light feels like it’s heating my scalp as I stare at the digital characters on the ATM. Money drops down and feels fuzzy in my hand. I look at it and actual fuzzy ridges grow out of the face and undulate like purple grasses blowing in the wind. I put the bill […]

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It made him jump again. 4:45 in the morning, not officially awake, steps slurring together on a half-sleepwalk to the bathroom something black right outside the frost-covered window. Some kind of bird but it looked too evil for closer inspection. Shower first. He couldn’t get it off his mind in the steamy shower, kept looking […]

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