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Close Call

Sam wore a plum skull cap and a wool sweater but no jacket, standing out in the snow by the fir trees. The moon was up with a “fox tail” around it, predicting worse weather. She knelt and washed the blood off her hands with snow. Then she cleaned the kitchen knife with snow, drying […]

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The Reeds

You’re lucky, said Sherman. You’re luckier than any other kid. Here you are out in the reeds waiting for ducks, with your DAD! And your Dad gave you a GUN. Most kids would do anything to be holding a rifle like you are now. I’m not holding it. It’s down there. Well, pick it up, […]

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The four of them were having tea in a raindrop as it plummeted down toward a dirty city street. The first was Shuvamy Toawshuly, a professor of psychobiology at Hammersworth-Smithe but dressed as though ready for a 1980’s aerobic workout- neon spandex stretched taut over her curvaceous physique. Next was Felmore Snowcamp, a giant tortoise […]

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