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The Brutes

The one thing Nightmare didn’t anticipate was how loud the horses would be. She was at the lead, riding her blue unicorn and there must have been fifty horses behind her. The hooves hitting shale was deafening. Usually her pointed fairy ears were able to block things out, especially when it involved humans. This time […]

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That’s It

As it turns out you only have thirty more seconds to live. Doesn’t seem like thirty seconds though does it? Seems like just the same second over and over again. Or just one long second. Thirty of anything seems like a lot right now. Actually it’s not thirty anymore. Now it’s fifteen. There was this […]

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Snowy Chapel

Snowy chapel. Footprints leading to and from oaken doors. A large grey dog chained up at the railing barking and howling. A figure out on the ice covered with a white sheet. Nametha ran out, wires still attached to nodes on her skin. She released the dog and it went crazy, ripping at the sheet […]

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