Monthly Archives: October 2013

You Won’t Believe…

You won’t believe this guy. Look at his face! What is he thinking about? Watch what he does! You see that? What’s he saying to that lady? Look, the clerk’s coming over! Did you see that? Oh shit- what did he do to that guy? Oh my God! Tell me you saw that!

Now what’s he gonna do? Get out of there, lady, or you’re next! Good, she’s getting out of there. Wait he’s calling her back! He’s calling her back! Run, lady! Run!!

Oh, shit now he’s coming over here! He’s pissed! Oh shit! Listen, we’re your friends! We’re your friends!

Wait he’s hit. They got him! But that’s not slowing him down! What did I tell you? This guy’s unstoppable!!

No, wait, he’s on his knees now. Look! Face-plant! That’s too bad. What a shame. What a shame. We should never have brought him here.

What am I gonna tell Jimmy?

You call Jimmy. Call Jimmy. Come on, let’s get out of here. Come on. It’s too late. There’s nothing we can do. Come on. Let’s take the train back.  There’s nothing left to do here.

Come on.